Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2013 Year in Review Highlights

Scott College of Business - Indiana State University
Exterior view of addition that integrated existing building language with new elements 

View of renovated historic corridor

The Scott College of Business at Indiana State University adapted the historical Terre Haute federal courthouse into a state-of-the-art teaching facility.  The project opened for classes at the end of 2012. In 2013 it was awarded LEED silver certification and several other design honors. See the links below to learn more about the project:
June 2013 - Sustainable Stan Journal  
AIA Indiana Design Award entry

Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences - Marian University
Exterior view of Chapel 

View of building from "floating" walkpads to the north
This new landmark building for Marian University officially opened in October 2013. The building houses Indiana's first College of Osteopathic Medicine. The building is expected to receive LEED Gold certification this year and includes many sustainable design features. See the links below to learn more about this project:
March 2013 - Sustainable Stan Journal
Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences

Lake Central High School
Interior view of Sector 5 (New 50 meter pool)

Main Street corridor in Sector 2 (the Classrooms wing)
Student  Entry canopy

Lake Central High School moved into new wings of its additions in January of this year.  Sector 2 consists of a 3-story classroom wing with Industrial Arts that can support the entire student population. Sector 5 includes a new 50 meter pool that will replace the school's original 25 meter pool.  These two areas along with the existing Freshmen Center are now the operating portions of the school.  The remaining building has been vacated and will be demolished this spring to make way for the remainder of the project which includes a Music wing, Auditorium, Competition Gym, Media Center, and school offices.  When complete the new school will increase in area by about 300,000 sf. However it is expected that the energy operating costs will be about the same due to the high efficiency VRF (variable refrigerant flow) mechanical system.  The building has been designed to achieve Energy Star certification. See the links below to learn more about the project:
Building Indiana Jan/Feb 2014 (pg. 50-51) 
Lake Central officially opens new school wing

Protsman Elementary School
Protsman Elementary Media Center

Exterior view 
Lake Central School Corporation also completed the first phase of Protsman Elementary School in Dyer Indiana. This new elementary school is located on the same site as the existing school. The existing school remained open while the new school was being constructed. The new school is now occupied by the students and demolition of the existing school is scheduled to begin this spring. The new facility utilizes a VRF mechanical system and high efficiency lighting that will contribute the expected Energy Star certification.  See the links below to learn more about the project:
NW times Protsman Elementary article 

Prophetstown Aquatic Center
Aquatic Center Plan and Images

View of bathhouse entrance 
The Prophetstown Aquatic Center opened in the summer of 2013. This facility is located at the Prophetstown State Park near Lafayette, Indiana. The aquatics features are located outside and are relatively low to the ground to blend in with the prairie environment of the park.  The bathhouse facility is also designed to blend in with the site with its low profile and materials selection. Natural ventilation is provided inside via louvers along the long sides of the building. Daylighting filters into the locker areas along the sloped roof deck through high translucent windows. A modest, yet well crafted facility. See the links below to learn more about the project:
Prophetstown dedication news clip

Schmidt Associates Office
Schmidt Associates Lobby seating
Schmidt Associates Lobby
Schmidt Associates opened its new front door in 2013. Office renovations involved the entire first floor to relocate the office reception area to 415 Massachusetts Avenue. The work included upgrading of the mechanical system on the 1st floor to an efficient VRF unit. LED lighting was also installed throughout the floor to reduce the offices energy use. See the link below to learn more about the project:
415 Mass Ave - Schmidt Newsblog  


2013 was another great year for Schmidt Associates. Several great projects were completed and several new great projects broke ground. The emphasis on good, high-performance design continues to grow. The ability to analyze the performance of buildings' while in design is becoming easier to do and to explain to Owners.  The construction industry has changed dramatically in the last 5 years. Projects are moving quicker, they are more complex, and they are expected to operate at a high level. Technology is changing the way everyone processes information; from the architect's meetings with Owners to construction documents to shop drawings and construction reviews. It is important that everyone is on the same page from the beginning and is in tune with the goals of the project.  Collaboration with all involved is a key to success and for integrated project delivery.

We are looking forward to another great year of continued improvement and increased performance. We'll keep you posted on the highlights. We hope you have a great 2014 too.